• Jan 31, 2008

    2004两个人的烟火 - [听首歌]



    Play it slow ,lay it low
    You lead and then they I'll follow
    Ooh heaven, I don't know
    Where art thou my remeo
    Sing it slow
    Sing it so we can be infatual
    Doesn't matter where we go
    It's unconditional

    Will you still be here tomorrow
    Catching morning rays in tahoe
    Will I see you there tomorrow
    Baby can't you see the love in me

    In 2004 will you be loving me more
    Through all that stormy weather
    Say forever
    For you I'll do for sure

    Will you open your door
    Will you come catch me when I fall
    At the end I hope together
    We can soar in year 2004




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